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An Ideal Home Easter weekend…

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Last Updated: 23/03/2016  
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This year’s Ideal Home Exhibition is well under way, and if you’re into all things home, then this will be a great way to spend this Easter weekend. If you haven’t been to this annual home event at Olympia London then it really is worth visiting, it’s packed full of home ideas, gadgets, food halls, recipes – visiting this year, I was taken back by the amount of gizmos and gadgets all designed to make our life’s easier in the home - it’s mind boggling – and one great advantage of visiting an event like this is that you can benefit from some great promotional discounts.

One of the most interesting parts of the is the new generation of modular properties being showcased, especially when using a modular stacking system, such as the ARC design home, on show this year. It’s sleek, curvy design looks positively new age – and you can’t help but wonder how good you would feel waking up in this glass and wooden curved structure, which seems to break all architectural norms – simple living which they state can also produce electricity which you can sell back to the grid. You can build the ARC on simple foundations, hillsides – they can be added to flat roofs and erected on water.

The ARC home also offers a great combination of insulation, heating and ventilation which ensures that your home is kept clean, healthy and at a temperature required by the homeowner. In summer the green roof is automatically irrigated to create a cooling effect, and ventilation systems can be fed with cooled air to offer natural air conditioning.

For more information about this year’s Ideal Home Exhibition please visit the link.