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Back to school for the whole family but who is really in charge?

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Published: 06/09/2016   Last Updated: 06/09/2016  
Tags: Back To School For The Whole Family But Who Is Really In Charge

If you are a family looking for a home in Surrey finding a property close to good schools is top of the list for many. But once a great school has been found and the kids enrolled who really is in charge. Summer is a great time to kick back and spend some time with the family but when it back to school the expense, the logistics, and trying to get the little ones out of bed and back into a hectic daily routine can be a challenge. And it would seem that mums are the organisational powerhouse behind any family.

So have you sorted your back to school check list? School clothing: children grow and the need for new clothing is a fairly constant factor through their school years, a new uniform, new shirts and new shoes means everyone’s presentable on the first day back. Mum knows school shoes need to be practical, presentable, yet comfortable. When it comes to school supplies: it’s important for the children to be fully equipped for the year ahead, a full set of pens, pencils and maths stuff together in a sturdy case will hopefully see them through the year. Then there is the sports kit and a good sturdy bag for carrying it all about it can be essential. Travel and transport also needs to be organised, if a bus pass needs renewing or a student ID updating it is often mum making it happen. Perhaps you need to reorganise your shared school drop and pick up with friends and neighbours.

It can be a bit of a struggle getting back into the school routine but if everyone pulls together, the whole family are soon back on track with their busy lives.