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Buy-to-let returns remain good…

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Last Updated: 26/05/2016  
Tags: Buy-To-Let-Returns-Remain-Good

Buy-to-let investors have had a hard time over the past year, with significant changes being made to tax allowances and how mortgage interest can be off-set against buy-to-let mortgages, as well as an increase on stamp duty by 3%. Despite all of this buy-let-returns are still good compared to most other investment opportunities at the moment.

Interest rates remain at a historical low which is great for home buyers, but not so great if you are looking at getting a return on your savings. Buy-to-let investments have continued to surpass all other major asset classes according to the latest PPRMI buy-to-let index from Property Partner - with returns on property overtaking other forms of investments such as shares, bonds and cash.

Rob Weaver said: “Total returns for residential property crept up to 9.6% in the year to March, as investors rushed to beat April’s stamp duty deadline. “This was especially true of London, where annual returns were in double digits, reaching an eye-watering 16.5%. The East was strong too.”

 “Investors are understandably showing caution ahead of the EU referendum. But the fundamentals – high employment, wage growth, cheap borrowing and the chronic shortage of supply – remain in place and are positive,” Weaver added.

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Source: Buy to Let Landlord