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Credit score map – which credit score area do you live in?

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Published: 24/11/2016   Last Updated: 24/11/2016  
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According to new data people who live in Kingston upon Thames and in South West London have the best credit rating in the UK. The new data basis its credit scores by postcode, just hover over this map to find out much your postcode credit score is Their data is based on more than 2.5 million people.

Kingston scored the highest average score with 396.3, followed closely by the Shetland Islands 390.91, Guilford 389.95, Sutton 380.23. The postcodes with the lowest average score were Sunderland 317.67 and Kilmarnock 318.13.1 People in Kingston tend to not move so frequently and are more likely to be registered on the electoral role, which all help credit ratings.

Reasons why someone could have a low credit rating or could be rejected for a credit card are: not being on the electoral role, not having a borrowing history to base a credit rating on, you’ve had a bad history of borrowing and exceeding limits, have had a County Court Judgement that you haven’t settled. If you want to check your credit rating go to

People who will be a likely to check your credit score will be banks, phone providers and even landlords so it’s important to make sure that you look after yours. Private rental tenants can improve their credit ratings by paying their rent through the Rental Exchange Scheme free of charge, because every time you make a payment on time Experian will be notified.

Ways in which you can improve your score is by not applying for a credit card until you have improved your credit score. Make sure you are on the electoral register and cancel any unused credit cards.




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