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Housing White Paper promises change in urban areas

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Published: 16/02/2017   Last Updated: 16/02/2017  
Tags: Housing White Paper Promises Change In Urban Areas

Home ownership remains a “distant dream” for so many young families, so the government’s recent white paper needs to make some changes.

At a glance the key points in the government’s most recent plans are:

• Incentivising older people to downsize to smaller properties.

• Forcing developers to start building within two years of securing planning permission.

• A £3bn fund to help small builders deliver more homes.

• Incentives for build to let.

• Maintaining protections for the green belt.

The communities secretary, Sajid Javid, told the House of Commons that he placed the blame for the housing crisis almost entirely on low rates of house building, telling MPs that the number of home completions in England has been lower than anywhere else in Europe, relative to the population, for the last three decades. So a fresh wave of home building is promised.

We all know we need new homes but are the government’s plans just a bit disappointing signalling lots of talk and not a lot of action? It seems even more pressure is going to be placed on already struggling Councils to further plan housing needs and demands, as well as the ability for them to put pressure on developers to start building on land they own.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Review Panel’s Report into the effectiveness of CIL has long concluded that the current system simply doesn’t work, the regulations are overly complex and unfit for purpose and should be overhauled but this report only receives only a passing reference in the Housing White Paper. The Government recognises that substantial CIL reform is needed, but changes are not expected until the Autumn Budget – in November 2017. Without root and branch overhaul real change is perhaps further away than hoped.


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