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How not to do a property viewing

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Last Updated: 26/04/2016  
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In our business we often hear of stories concerning disastrous property viewings, so here are a few things to avoid when preparing and presenting your home to a potential buyer:

Bad odors - There is nothing more off putting to buyers than bad aromas, whether these are from cigarettes or from the smell of animals, this is to be avoided at all costs. Clean carpets where necessary, ventilate by opening windows and give a fresh coat of paint where needed.

Loud music – yes we have had stories where homeowners have played loud music whilst doing a house viewing.
Strange room layouts – these are when a house has a strange room layout, such as a kitchen being placed between two bedroom in a single storey house.

Half finished DIY jobs, or badly done DIY jobs – there’s nothing worse than the cracking of badly fitted laminate floors, this cheap type of flooring came into the UK in the mid 1990’s and has evolved since with better quality wooden floors. Any badly finished DIY projects or half finished will distract a buyer from looking at the qualities of a property and are a big no, no. In this category we have to include any type of damp traces too. If there is any repair work needed a buyer will normally need to see this reflected in the price.
Starting up a lawn mower or any other noisy machinery during a visit - yes this really can happen.

Animals – not properly clearing up after animals in the house and garden, it’s imperative that there are no signs of animals in a house, or smells, clear away dogs beds, if you have caged animals in the home make sure these are put out of sight during visits.
Making the most of natural light - it has been known that home sellers leave their curtains and interior doors closed during a visit. It’s always best to leave these open as not only does it allow the light to penetrate into the center of the house it also makes a property feel more spacious.

Ripped carpet, damaged flooring – It’s always a really good idea to make sure that the flooring areas are clean and well presented.
Badly presented front gardens – rubbish bins left in view, broken, weedy paths, badly painted facias and front doors, hanging baskets with weeds growing out. One of the first things a buyer will see when they are doing a property viewing is the front of your property, make sure it has curb appeal, and will entice a purchaser to want to see more.

If you would like some advice on how to present your home for a viewing please contact us either by Facebook or pop into one of your local Hawes and Co branches.