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Improve your home’s colour scheme

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Last Updated: 18/01/2016  
Tags: Improve Your Homes Colour Scheme

If you, like many of us homeowners are not interior designers or just haven’t had much experience in home interiors, it can feel slightly overwhelming when it comes to finding the perfect colour scheme for our interiors. 

Choosing the right colours can be really important when it comes to creating a mood in a room - pale shades of blue and green for example are often used in bedrooms or bathrooms to create a relaxing environment. 

One of the tricks of the trades when it comes to designing a home’s interior is using colour wheel, according to House Beautiful a colour wheel is composed of three colours; primary, secondary and tertiary. With the primary colours being red, yellow and blue, secondary; orange, green and purple and the the tertiaries are red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-purple, and red-purple.

They state that there are two ways in which you can use the wheel: ‘Firstly, it can help you select the perfect tone to get the look you want. For instance, a tone of green that’s closer to the primary yellow has a brighter, more welcoming look than a green that’s close to the primary blue, which is more sophisticated. The wheel is also the key to planning a scheme of more than one colour. A toning scheme uses tints and shades of just one colour, while a harmonising look combines colours next to each other on the wheel, and colours opposite each other are contrasting and will make a bold statement in your room.’

Hues are pure colours on the wheel, pure hues are bold and exciting. These colours are good for feature walls and pops of colour.

Tints or pastel shades - this is a colour which has had white added to it. They are soft and often used for an understated design scheme or a child’s bedroom.

Shades – these are the opposite of pastel shades as they have black added to them. These are often used on soft furnishings as they are more masculine in colour.

For further tips on how to choose improve your home’s colour scheme.