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Instagram mini-home trend

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Published: 23/02/2017   Last Updated: 23/02/2017  
Tags: Instagram Mini Home Trend

Have you noticed the miniature dollhouse trend taking Instagram by storm at the moment? #miniatureinteriordesign .  If you had a dolls house in mind for the kids there is so much style available in miniature its stunning. These really aren’t your traditional dollhouses, they are uber chic, modern, incredibly trendy miniature homes brimming with inspiration that you could even use to inform the design of your own home.

The decor in these teeny tiny rooms reflect many current trends our there from faux fur and Greenery to simple Scandi Style. There are dream bedrooms with sunset colours and clever ideas like painting the lower half of your bedroom wall a different colour to add depth, there are amazing kitchens with organic details and chic backsplashes offering ideas and design without sacrificing precious space. Mellow and modern spaces with cowhide rugs and velvet couches abound, everything in many of these miniature rooms is on point, even down to the wall decor, including a tiny wooden pineapple on one wall. Scandi Style offers the sanity-making powers matched in real life with a pared-back aesthetic coupled with warm tones to help chill out even the most frenzied of dolls/families. There are of course cute nursery’s to help you think about what you would add to your real life one in terms of stimulating shapes and compelling colours.

You really do wish you could be turned into mini versions of yourself "Honey I Shrunk the Kids"-style, to explore them fully. Many of the creations are so stylish, it seems hard to imagine you’d want to go back to being  life-size, unless of course to turn your dreams into reality.