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Know your responsibilities as a landlord

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Last Updated: 18/01/2016  
Tags: Know Your Responsibilities As A Landlord

If you are a landlord in the UK you need to make sure that you are up to date with all of the latest changes to the law concerning renting out a property to tenants. As from last October changes in the law now mean that all properties must be fitted with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Here are is a list of your obligations as a landlord:

• Make sure that your property is safe and free from any health hazards
• Ensure that all gas and electrical equipment provided in the property is safely installed and maintained
• Provide an energy performance certificate for the property

Fire safety

• Fit and regularly test carbon monoxide and smoke alarms in your rental property
• Follow fire safety regulations in a purpose-built block of flats or for houses and property adapted into flats.

Income on rental properties:

You must pay income tax on your rental properties, minus your day to day running costs, as well as Class 2 national insurance contributions if the work you do renting property counts as running a business.

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