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Last Updated: 24/11/2015  
Tags: Basement Conversions

There’s no doubt that property in South West London is highly sought after, and this is being reflected in increasing property prices across the region. If you are looking at adding value to your property then one of the best ways to do this is to develop your basement.

In order to calculate how much money this will add to your property, you will first need to work out how much a property in your area is worth per square foot. You could do this by asking an estate agent such as Hawes and Co, who will have their finger on the pulse to exactly how much you can expect to achieve at any given time.

The cost of creating a basement will be about £300 per square foot, so if your property is worth more than £300 per square foot you will be adding instant value to your home.
In order to achieve a great living space in your basement you need to consider several important factors; lighting – will there will natural light or will you have to introduce this through clever lighting? Ask yourself what the space will be best used for, adding an extra bedroom would probably add the most value if you only have a two bedroom property, perhaps a kitchen, extra living area.

Dry lining a basement is the best way to making sure that you keep damp out, you will have to add a sump pump as well to extract any water that might rise from the water table.

Although there are no regulations about ceiling heights in cellars, the taller the ceiling the better it will feel. A practical height of around 2.4metres is a good gauge. If however the basement is to form a separate dwelling then the minimum ceiling height is 2,3-2.4 metres. Remember to allow extra space for your concrete floor.

If you would like any help and advice about developing your property then why not contact your local branch of Hawes and Co or alternatively give our team a call on: 020 8399 5522