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Rental properties in Winter

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Published: 09/12/2016   Last Updated: 09/12/2016  
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Winter can sometimes be a bit troublesome if you own a rental property, with temperatures already having fallen quite dramatically over the weekend, the last thing you want is to receive a call over the festive season from one of your tenants. But hopefully by now you would have already taken some steps to winter proof your property.

One of the main issues at this time of year, is burst pipes, it accounts for one in five insurance claims made by landlords each year. This is most likely to happen in a vacant property where the heating is turned off – you must always ensure that you keep your property sufficiently heated even if it is empty, otherwise your insurance might be invalidated. If you do have tenants in your property then it might be worth advising them to keep the heating on if they go away during winter, even on low, especially at night time. It’s also a good idea to show your tenants how where the stop cock is for the water supply, just incase there is an emergency and they need to switch it off straight away.  If there is a leak then it’s the tenants responsibility to report it straightaway.

Managing properties can be testing at time that’s why many landlords have chosen to use a lettings company, such as Hawes and Co so that they can take away the stress if things do go wrong. If you would like to find out more about our lettings service then please check out our website or call our team on 0208 946 1000.