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How to clean difficult every day items…


Last Updated: 18/01/2016 17:33:39   Tags: How To Clean Difficult Every Day Items

Most of us have a daily or weekly cleaning routine which doesn’t normally tackle trickier items such as handbags, keyboards, purses and so fourth, but these can be especially dirty as they are exposed to germs outside our own environment.

So we checked out the Good Housekeeping’s guide to ‘8 everyday things you need to clean and how.’

1.Handbags – they state that 90% of handbags contain extremely high levels of bacteria. Cleaning suggestions are: empty out unnecessary contents such as old receipts and lose change and clean with a leather cleaner if it’s leather, but make sure you don’t use a coloured shoe polish as this could come off on your clothes. If it’s not leather clean with some anti-bacteria wipes and dry with some kitchen towel. 
2. Purse – these are used everywhere from shop counters to the bottom of your handbag these are considered much dirtier than a man’s wallet. In order to clean they state to use the same process as cleaning your handbag.

3. Gym bag – According to a recent study carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene over a third of bags contained Coliform, a nasty form of bacteria with can lead to an upset tummy, pneumonia and vomiting – with leather gym bags being the worst. Clean your bag it with anti-bacteria wipes. If you can use a washable bag you can put in the wash every few weeks.

4. Your mobile phone – most of us probably own a mobile phone, but think to never clean them, but according to the magazine they can be as dirty as the average toilet seat, hosting over 25,000 germs!

To clean Good Housekeeping recommend using a micro-fibre cloth that will remove and retain the dirt to clean the back and the screen of your smartphone. Make sure you use a circular motion to avoid scratching the screen and don't forget to clean your camera lens to avoid blurry pictures.
 To check out the rest of their cleaning tips please visit their website.