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How to get a good night’s sleep…


Published: 09/12/2016   Last Updated: 09/12/2016 11:33:46   Tags: How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

According to new research, sleep deprivation is causing the UK economy £40bn per year because of people being absent or less productive during their working week. This latest research by Rand Europe was taken from 62,000 people, they said the loss amounted to 1.86% of economic growth.1

The impact of not getting a good night’s sleep is serious, some health experts have stated that those people who constantly get less than six hours per night are 13% more likely to die earlier than those people who have more than 7 hours sleep per night.

The NHS state that the main causes for insomnia comes from computers, stress and taking work home. They state that there are 7 main reasons why a good nights sleep can boost your health, these include: immunity, slimming, boosts mental health being, sleep prevents diabetes, increased sex drive, wards off heart-disease and increases fertility.2

If you would like to improve your night’s sleep then you could try these following ideas:

• Try and cut out caffeine during the day, especially the latter part.

• Make your bedroom a sanctuary, which means no computers, televisions, smart phones, no work.

• The best colour palette for a bedroom is soft blue.

• Try and avoid drinking too much alcohol as this will give you a disturbed night’s sleep

• Have a bed time routine – go to bed at the same time every night, have a herbal tea such as camomile which promotes sleep, light a candle, have a warm bath, read a book.

Check out the NHS beating insomnia guide: