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Is it time to get back to basics?


Published: 10/02/2017   Last Updated: 10/02/2017 19:06:04   Tags: Is It Time To Get Back To Basics

It’s already February and whatever happens 2017 is likely to be a year of change and sometimes the best way to prepare for change is to get back to basics. As experienced agents Hawes & Co know this does not mean abandoning the progress that has taken place in the UK housing industry over the years but maybe it’s time to really refocusing on what agents do best: match people with properties.

Many believe the housing industry has an inbuilt social responsibility when matching people with the appropriate property and with that commitment in mind, ‘back to basics’ would be all about listening and engaging with customer to understand their needs and wants. Hawes & Co also believe that it is important to make sure customers have the right products and services to enable them to realise their property wishes. Sometimes this means everyone involved has to stop and think about the mortgages that are recommend as well as considering if the customer is suitably prepared with the appropriate insurance products. 

It is entirely possible that on some occasions the outcome of genuine listening will be a decision not to move home, re-mortgage your property, invest in further property or realign your portfolio, and that’s just fine.  Likewise good agents need to think more about the landlords they take on. A landlord who doesn’t care for their tenants can come at a high price both to the pocket and the reputation for all concerned.