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Which market are you aiming your home at?


Last Updated: 11/05/2016 20:30:21   Tags: Which-Market-Are-You-Aiming-Your-Home-At

It’s very important when getting your home ready for a sale that you have one eye on your potential market. If for example you are aiming your homes at the family market then you will probably need to present a fourth room as a child’s room rather than a study, but if you are marketing it at a young professional couple you would probably do the opposite.

So here is a guide to who you need to be aiming your home at, and the best time of year to market your property:

One/Two bed flat

This type of property will normally appeal to a young professional market. It might even appeal to first time buyers, depending on the asking price. Potential buyers in this property will normally start to search for properties in September so that they can move in before Christmas.

Three-bedroom house

These are usually homes which tend to attract second-steppers, those looking to move from one or two bedroom homes, if they are planning on having more children in the future. Spring – especially April and Easter is out of the way and there is still a couple of months to go until the start of the summer holidays and the start of the new school term.

 Four-bedroom house

These are usually bought by people moving onto their third or fourth property, so plenty of en-suite bathrooms and open plan family areas are usually very popular for this market. February is a good time of year to put a house of this size on the market, as you will be doing so before the main glut of four bedroom houses are marketed in March.

Five bedroom+ houses

House buyers in this range will probably be expecting a bit of luxury, from high quality white goods, to an immaculately presented home. These will normally appeal to the family market, people who could be moving for the third or fourth time. A good time to put a house this size on the market would be from February onwards.