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The right references are top of the list

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Published: 06/09/2016   Last Updated: 06/09/2016  
Tags: The Right References Are Top Of The List

When renting out a property one of the key factors when choosing a lettings agent is their track record in ensuring potential tenants have passed reference checks, according to new research by Hunters.

2,506 landlords across the country were asked what their priorities were and almost 70 per cent cited reference checks as “highly important” for determining how they chose an agent to help them let out their property. The speed at which the property was let out was also “highly important for 66 per cent” of those asked. “It’s highly important to ensure that, although the market is widening, agents are still doing the necessary procedures to protect both landlords and tenants” said Carrie Alliston.
It is interesting to see that although landlords are often cast as only interested in the amounts they can rent a property for, the amount of rent, or capacity to secure a higher rent, did not feature amongst the top three issues that landlords found most important.  Commentators on the study suggested that, “this indicates that the increase in rental prices across England is due to wider market factors, such as house price increases or the additional stamp duty charges introduced in April, rather than landlord greed”. 

Making sure that potential tenants for your rental property are properly checked and that they are reliable and trust worthy is clearly something that is important for any landlord. Good tenants deserve good landlords and reliable letting agent to help the whole process run smoothly.

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