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What statement are you making with your choice of front door colour?

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Last Updated: 18/01/2016  
Tags: What Statement Are You Making With Your Choice Of Front Door Colour

According to the Huffington Post the colour we chose for our door can say a lot about our personalities. It’s also the first thing that people see when they walk up to our door. The most popular door colours are red, yellow, green, black, white and blue. 
So what does your choice of colour say about you?
Red is often associated with ‘hey look at me’, it’s also a colour associated with luck and a warm welcome, so visitors to your home will probably find this colour welcoming. 

Yellow – often associated with clarity, intellect, creativity and positive charge. It’s also a colour associated with happiness, and it can feel very uplifting. 

Green – this is a colour we associate with growth and transformation and is said to promote energy and well being. Someone who paints their door this colour could be very grounded and community based.

Orange – this colour is often used on modern contemporary builds. Orange is associated with good communication, perception, commerce, movement, intelligence and flexibility. This would be a good colour to chose for your business, especially if you have an IT company. 

Blue – this colour is often associated with the imagination, freedom, calm. According to the Huffington post people will want to know you if you paint your door this colour.

White – A crisp white door is often associated with someone who likes an orderly and neat life.

Black – this is a colour associated the most with secrecy, someone with this colour door could be a really private person. It’s also a timeless look so can fit in well with any type of building.