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Selling a house

The property community has long railed against the excessive cost of stamp duty, but up until now, theirs has been a lone voice. With a number of Conservative politicians recently highlighting the issue amid concerns over the stagnating housing market, pressure is finally building on Philip Hammond to reform what is being called a ‘tax on moving’. To add weight to the argument, the Office for Budg ... read full article

House prices

The general slowdown in the property market continues as we move into some of the quietest months of the year. Average UK house prices are still rising across the country, according to most of the indices, but transaction volumes and stock levels are falling.

The Halifax reports that, nationally, house prices rose by 0.4% in July to £219,266. That's 10% above their peak in August 2007 and ... read full article

How much?

Do you know what the average costs are for some of the bigger jobs around the house? For example, how much would it cost you to build a new extension? Or what about rewiring the house? And have you got any idea how much it would cost to replace all the windows?

Whether you’re buying a new house or just renovating your existing one, it’s really useful to get a ballpark figure in your head ... read full article

Life's a beach

We're deep into August now and it seems like the whole world is away. You only have to look at your local high street or supermarket to see how quiet things are - everywhere is half-empty. Even the traffic has died right down.

But, beware, appearances can be deceptive. Soon, the new school term will begin and the country will be getting itself back into full working mode, whether that’ ... read full article

Mortgage news


The Bank of England voted by 6-2 this month to keep the base rate on hold. Last month the vote was closer at 5-3. Even so, the Bank’s chief, Mark Carney, warned it will rise some time over the next year. Many commentators disagree, because the most recent data on the key drivers of a rate rise are heading in the opposite direction - consumer confidence is fall ... read full article

London time

With British Summer Time, or Daylight Savings Time upon us it might be darker when you wake up in the morning, but the evening will be much longer and you will hopefully be home in daylight to enjoy your evening.

Living in London steeps you in history and culture even when it comes to telling the time.  Big Ben housed in the Elizabeth Tower in Westminster marks out time for the whole ... read full article